Date: 16th June 2019 at 11:34am
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As appears to have been the case for several days now, the media speculation relating to the future of Paul Pogba continues to be prominent.

Yesterday, here at Vital Manchester United, we ran an article Click Here, which seemed to indicate that Pogba’s wish was, indeed, to join Real Madrid, as I’ve suspected all along.

Today though, it appears according to ABC, a Spanish media source, things could be set to take a sinister turn.

Our referenced source is championing the inference that 26-year-old Pogba is so desperate to join Real Madrid he’s prepared to go on strike to get his wishes.

Now, personally, I doubt whether that is true, Pogba’s aware that there are ways to go about things and ways not to.

Any deal for the player would be totally dependent on United’s valuation of the player and their willingness to enter into a deal.

Talk of a strike would do nobody any favours, Pogba would become isolated and the club could well adopt a stance whereby the Frenchman is left to rot in the reserves.

I reckon talk of a strike is nothing, but a piece of journalistic license gone too far, how about you?

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  • I stuck up for him when people had a go at him last season , but sadly this guy has no loyalty to the club or the fans he likes the money but does little to earn it. The club will be better off without him.

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