Date: 20th June 2019 at 11:22am
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Recently, here at Vital Manchester United, we covered the fact that, despite looking as if his future lies away from Old Trafford, Paul Pogba was set to receive a huge loyalty bonus.

Our article, Click Here, inferred that Pogba shouldn’t receive such a bonus if he does, as the Daily Mail, reports, citing the following words uttered by Pogba:

“After this season and everything that happened this season, with my season being my best season as well… I think for me it could be a good time to have a new challenge somewhere else.

“I am thinking of this: to have a new challenge somewhere else.”

want a fresh challenge at a new club.

It had been widely perceived that Pogba would be looking to join Real Madrid, Click Here, however, it transpires that might not be the case, with the Mirror, inferring that Juventus are confident they can persuade Pogba that his future lies in Turin as opposed to Madrid.

But, elsewhere, another source, the Telegraph, implies that Pogba is fearful that the price tag put on his head, a valuation of £160 million, will result in any perceived move being blocked, with clubs being reluctant to pay that huge an amount.

Here at Vital Manchester United, as we’ve said before if Pogba isn’t 100% committed to the cause then move him on and bring in somebody who is.

If the valuation on his head has to be lowered, then so be it, that’s life.

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One Reply to “Opinion: Interest In Pogba Grows Just Let Him Go”

  • On Pogba’s current situation/stand, you cannot tie up somebody who is not willing to give it all for his club Man Utd.

    It is undeniable that he’s got talent but no matter how many assists/goals he has made/scored, it all add up to his overall performance which were sometimes dismal.

    Sorry to say but Scouser’s players since last 2-3 years are showing us what we, Utd fans, have not witnessed since quite a long time from our team.

    It’s no use coming to training in Lambo, Bentley, Audi , AMG, M3 – god know what else, but one the field some players play like 4th Div. teams and that’s unacceptable. If you are paid £300K to 500k a week, you’ve got to deliver the goods or else give back at least half of that!!!! Then you know what you’re worth.

    If you play like sh**t and get paid enormous amount of money, do you feel you deserve your week’s pay???

    I think many Utd players of the season that has ended, should think back on what I’ve said and change their work attitude for the coming one OR ELSE am very SAD to say that it’s gonna be another 2 decades before we can contemplate fighting even for 2nd place.

    We don’t have Citeh’s financial capacity/sugar daddy but at the very least we should compensate by working harder to beat them!!!

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