Date: 13th November 2018 at 4:57pm
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Every manager appears to have a player, or several, that seem untouchable when it comes to their position in the starting eleven.

Some, deservedly, qualify for this special status.

However, when things are not quite going to plan and you find yourselves twelve points off the pace in the Premier League title race and lying in eighth place in the table, the finger of suspicion often gets pointed at those who are deemed untouchable but have not been performing to the best of their abilities.

Could Nemanja Matic be one such player?

The reason I ask is that, lurking in the pages of the news source, the Times, is the inference that Mourinho’s continued selection of Matic is being questioned by some of his Manchester United team-mates.

Now if that is correct it is a damning statement and could have ramifications for the club.

It would, to me, indicate that an element of player power is creeping into the dressing-room, something that is both unwanted and detrimental to the team bonding strength needed to push for silverware.

Matic, to me, is one of those unspectacular players, someone who doesn’t do the spectacular but without whom the donkey work in midfield would get neglected.

I’m of the opinion that Mourinho knows exactly what Matic brings to the side, hence why he signed him from Chelsea, but perhaps some others don’t.

Now whether some of those others are the players I’d hope not, but I wouldn’t discount it completely, would you?


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