Date: 4th September 2019 at 7:16am
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Written by John White
Branch Secretary
Carryduff Manchester United Supporters’ Club, Northern Ireland’s No.1 Branch and the 5th Largest Official MUSC in the World

I read earlier today that Alexis Sanchez “does not regret” joining Manchester United but then said that he did not get enough playing time to be a success for us.

As reported by The BBC,
Sanchez has remarked:

“I wanted to join them and win everything. I don’t regret going there. I’m very happy I went to Manchester United. I’ve always said that. It’s the club that’s won the most in England.”

Of course, he wanted to join us. But I find it bizarre that he cited the fact that we have won the most trophies as one of his reasons for joining us instead of referring to us as the biggest club in the world or our magnificent fan base. I suppose the fact that we were willing to pay you £400,000 per week did not enter into your mind. Of course not! I wonder what he said when he joined Udinese Calcio in Italy in 2006. Maybe he thought he was joining Juventus given the fact that Udinese Calcio’s home kit is a black and white striped shirt, black shorts, and white socks! The latter reminds me of a certain George Weah.

On 16 October 2000, George Weah, the World Player of the Year in 1995, walked out of Maine Road after spending just 10 weeks with Manchester City and having scored a solitary Premier League goal (in a 3-2 loss away to Liverpool). It was reported that City had to pay him a golden handshake of £500,000 to terminate his contract and when you take in his wages of £25,000 per week (at the time making him their highest paid player ever) his solitary Premiership goal cost City £750,000! And in a parting shot at City boss Joe Royle he said, as reported by The Guardian,

“I respect the people I work with and I expect the same in return. My reasons for leaving are the lack of respect, the lack of communication and the dishonesty shown to me by Joe Royle.”

Rumour had it that when Weah agreed to move to Manchester he thought he was joining United which led to the song:

“They signed George Weah but he thought they played in red.”

One of my all-time favourite songs is “No Regrets” sung by The Walker Brothers. And how appropriate are some of the lines from the song when it comes to Sanchez’s brief stint at Old Trafford?

“I know your leaving is too long overdue,” – Sanchez started only 31 of 77 possible games for us and only completed 13 of these. Thankfully he has left us now for Inter Milan although we are still footing a considerable amount of his £400,000 per week wages.

“For far too long I’ve had nothing new to show to you,” – Sanchez scored 80 goals in 166 matches for Arsenal after costing The Gunners £30m from Barcelona in July 2014 but he was never able to show the same form or level of goal scoring capability for us and he was shadow of the player the Arsenal fans watched play for them.

“No regrets no tears goodbye,” – how true this is Alexis. You only scored only 5 times in 45 games after joining us from Arsenal in January 2018.

my only regret is that we signed Sanchez in the first place!

“Don’t want you back we’d only cry again,” – my message to Ole is, let him go we don’t want him back!

Sanchez said he was happy at Manchester United and that he always said to his friends that he wanted to play. I have got some starting news for the 30-year old Chilean international, your mates don’t pick you unless you are having a kickabout in the local park or playing a 5-a-side game! Sanchez should have shown in training that he was fit, sharp and eager to play for our famous shirt. If he had done this there is no doubt that Ole would have had no choice but to select him and if he didn’t then it was Sanchez’s duty as a United player to knock on the manager’s door at Carrington and demand to know why he was not being selected for the first team. It is really that simple an explanation.

And as for his comment that if United let him play he would do his best but he could not understand why if sometimes he played for 60 minutes he wouldn’t play in our next game and he didn’t know why! Time for a reality check here Alexis. I can answer that point for you in 5 straightforward words,

“You were crap for us.”

End of!

So, Alexis here is my farewell song to you:

No Regrets – The Walker Brothers

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6 Replies to “No Regrets, No Tears Goodbye, I don’t Want You Back”

  • Couldn’t have said it better myself. For me, Alexis Sanches will always represent Mourinho’s legacy in Man UTD. They were both “crap for us”. And my only regret is that we signed them in the first place. Much of Ole’s struggle right now now is caused by Mourinho’s signings.

  • I regret the money the club spent on that short guy. Good bye at 30 years, Sanchez u are a flop. Daniel James at 20 is far better than you. I see you loosing it, I know you will miss wearing the red kit and sitting on the bench.

  • Manchester is blue now not red. You people called us looserpool. But we are Liverpool the true reds. Now wait for a decade may be for a millennium to re-emerge.

  • MU supporters where in haven when tyey stole it from Arsenal. And now you regrat it take a life man . Your are a loser stupid MU mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  • SANCHEZ was a bad buy and contributed to the woes of ManU. another one is MATIC. Mr OLE, get rid of MATIC who gives away ball too much. No sentiment if u want to succeed. Why allowing only Phoba or Marcus to take Penalties?

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