Date: 11th February 2018 at 4:57pm
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Despite their previous rivalry, following the defeat at the hands of Newcastle United, Jose Mourinho embraced Rafael Benitez and congratulated the Spaniard on his sides victory.

It was one of those games where you get the impression it was always ordained that Newcastle United would pull off something akin to a shock.

After the game, Jose Mourinho spoke to Sky Sports and praised Newcastle United in his own unique way, remarking,

‘They fought like animals – I hope they take that as a compliment. The gods of football were on their side. It wasn’t going to happen for us today. Newcastle gave what they have and what they don’t have, that’s a beautiful thing in football.

‘They fought for their point, a point is what they had in mind. We made a defensive mistake and when they are in front they had only one thing in mind and gave their lives to keep a clean sheet.’

It was, as Jose says, just one of those days!