Date: 23rd April 2010 at 5:52pm
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Sir Alex Ferguson has vehemently denied retirement plans, insisting that he will keep going while his health allows him to and he feels absolutely fine. So right now it might not have much relevance but I actually think that, in many ways, Everton manager David Moyes would be his perfect successor.

No, I do not suggest that Moyes is as good as Fergie. He may well be but he hasn’t proven it at the very top yet so he has a lot to prove. But you should think about his most important attributes and you will see a striking similarity with SAF.

– He’s Scottish – check

He’s a long-term manager – check

He’s got a great eye for players and is a very good motivator – check

He’s not the sharpest of tactical minds – check

His substitutions are often infuriatingly baffling – check

See? Moyes is actually Fergie Mark II but we have yet to see if he has the sheer quality to live up to the original.