Date: 17th February 2017 at 11:24am
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Although the 3-0 win last night, against St Etienne, at Old Trafford should see Manchester United make the last-16 of the Europa League, it appears that Jose Mourinho was far from happy when it came to the performance, especially that given in the first half.

Talking to the media in the immediate aftermath of the victory, Mourinho accused his side of lacking focus, remarking to the reporter,

‘In the first half, we played so bad, and we managed to finish it winning 1-0 when we don’t deserve.

‘It was down to lack of concentration. I had the feeling immediately in the dressing room – too noisy, too funny, too relaxed. Then my assistants had the feeling in the warm-up, with some of the guys not really focused on getting the right adrenaline in their bodies.

‘So, lack of concentration. And when you don’t have it, it’s difficult to recover it. So the first half was hard. We were lucky to be winning 1-0. I am not happy with it. I always think we have to play every game with the same attitude.’

Although Mourinho did admit that the second half performance was better, he denied suggestions that the slack first-half performance was down to the fact his side were playing in the Europa League and not the more glamorous Champions League, further adding,

‘We don’t play Champions League, so if that is the case I would prefer to play in the Europa League than be at home watching TV. So I think with the players it is the same.’

Hopefully it was a one-off blip, otherwise if it`s repeated at Ewood Park, on Sunday, in the FA Cup, United could be in for a hard afternoon.