Date: 23rd June 2015 at 11:05am
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The insistence that Manchester United are serious about luring Sergio Ramos to Old Trafford features prominently in the media today.

However, with Manchester United hoping to involve Sergio Ramos as part of the deal that could quite probably take David De Gea to Real Madrid, Manchester United are still a little wary that Ramos might well be using the club as a pawn in trying to wrangle a new, improved contract with the Spanish giants.

But, until that proves to be the case it appears that Manchester United are prepared to press on with the original much published proposal.

Looking at the current contract Sergio Ramos is tied to, it appears that he has a buy-out figure of some £145 million, however, it is suggested they will not hold any potential suitors to that figure with £50 million being the suspected premium.

At 29-years of age, Sergio Ramos, who has accumulated 128 caps would be a superb acquisition and we`re hoping that when Ed Woodward engages in talks with his counter-part, Florentino Perez, we don`t find out that those who believe we`re being used as a pawn in a very expensive game were right all along!