Date: 26th April 2016 at 4:50pm
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In an era when footballers earn more in a week than the working man who once owned the game could ever dream of earning, our Spanish midfielder, Juan Mata, has come up with some interesting thoughts.

Mata, who didn`t make the starting eleven in the FA Cup semi-final win over Everton, on Sunday, has spoken about the obscene wages footballers earn and also spoken about the lifestyle some of the younger players seem only too willing to adapt.

Mata, who it is reckoned is on a cool £150,000 a week, has suggested that he`d happily take a pay cut backing it up with,

“Compared to the rest of society we earn a ridiculous amount.

“In football I earn a normal wage but compared to 99.9 per cent of the rest of the world, I earn an obscene amount.

“It`s like we live in a bubble. I`d happily take a pay cut if there was less business involvement in the sport.”

Some wise words, from Juan and words that Joe Public would probably appreciate.

But continuing, Mata has a few words for those young players who behave like rock stars with the Spaniard further adding,

“Every player thinks he`s Diego Maradona when he joins a big club.

“You see kids who think they`re rock stars, wearing extravagant clothes and driving fancy cars. Sometimes you have to take them aside and have a word.”

It`s good to see that some of those who grace our game and do earn extravagant amounts of money, retain some dignity.