Date: 23rd January 2018 at 5:34pm
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The Deloitte money table that is, not the Premier League table unfortunately.

Those who are interested in money matters, might be interested to know that Manchester United have topped the Deloitte Football Money League for the second time in a row, with a declared revenue of ?676. Million.

It is the second consecutive season Manchester United have topped the table and the tenth time they have done so.

However, this time around it was a pretty close affair with Real Madrid close behind with a revenue figure of ?676.4 million.

It appears that winning the Europa League was sufficient to ensure Manchester United remained top of the table, with the top ten in the table reading as thus:

?1. Manchester United: ?676.3m

?2. Real Madrid: ?674.6m

?3. Barcelona: ?648.3m

?4. Bayern Munich: ?587.8m

?5. Manchester City: ?527.7m

?6. Arsenal: ?487.6m

?7. Paris Saint Germain: ?486.2m

?8. Chelsea: ?428m

?9. Liverpool: ?424.2m

?10. Juventus: ?405.7m