Date: 14th November 2017 at 5:52pm
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When it comes to shirt sales, Manchester United rule the roost.

A survey carried out by and reported by the Manchester Evening News suggests that when it comes to percentages of club shirts sold Manchester United recorded a figure of 32%, way ahead of Liverpool who had a figure of 21%

In fact, it appears that Manchester United sell more shirts than Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City combined, proving that Manchester United are still THE club to support.

Interestingly, our near-neighbours, despite all their crowing, only register 4%.

As for the top seven clubs, the list looks like thus:

? Manchester United: 32%
? Liverpool: 21%
? Arsenal: 15%
? Chelsea: 10%
? Tottenham: 8%
? Newcastle: 7%
? Manchester City: 4%

And, as we all know, shirt sale are another valuable financial revenue stream that equals money!