Date: 26th November 2017 at 9:49am
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The result was, in all honesty, better than the performance against Brighton.

It was a scrappy game whereby Brighton could have possibly gotten something for the endeavour they showed.

After the game, reflecting on what he`d seen, Jose Mourinho had some praise for the opposition whilst also reflecting on the fact he may have erred when it came to his team selection, remarking,

‘I want to be honest and give them what they deserve, for me probably they deserve more than the result they got. They played really well, they had a good defensive organisation and then when they had the ball they were dangerous. Honestly I think Brighton was very, very good.

‘I think we were more spirit and heart than quality. Sometimes to play with too many attacking players doesn’t mean you are offensive. We had a lot of attacking players on the pitch but we lose a bit of control in midfield.”

When pushed on whether he regretted picking so many attacking players for the game, Jose further remarked,

“No I don’t regret because I picked them against Newcastle and we won 4-1. It is the reality of football sometimes, to have too many attacking players on the pitch, sometimes you lose balance and don’t create many chances.

‘We play amazingly well in the first half against Basel and we lost so the most important thing are the points.’

With Manchester City the next to arrive at Old Trafford, this could be the defining week or so of the season.