Date: 20th April 2009 at 7:35pm
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Two starts, two injuries – it’s a record that Louis Saha would be proud of. But it’s not him or Hargreaves raking up the strains and tears again: it’s Fabio who’s showing the worrying signs.

To put it simply: looks like he’s got glass legs. He started two games at United – both in the FA Cup, against Spurs and against Everton – and had to be brought off because of injury in both.

Now add to the fact that his debut was delayed because of an injury and you might see why we have reasons to worry that his supposedly fabulous talent won’t have a chance to show itself at Old Trafford…

No word on his latest injury yet but even if it proves to be a minor one I’m still afraid that his career could be blighted with fitness problems. Fingers crossed I’m wrong, for he’s a spectacular talent, of that there is no doubt.