Date: 9th April 2009 at 11:49am
Written by:

Scant consolation amid our troubles but it still brought a feeble smile on my face: Liverpool, a day after Rafa Benitez triumphantly announced how United were scared of his side, are humiliated by Chelsea on their own ground in the Champions League which, according to their best player, is the most important competition to them.

The FSW must now regret that he hadn’t kept his mouth shut. Indeed, the similarities with his rant before the Stoke game are just way too obvious. Once again, he bigged up his team and once again they let him down in a quite spectacular fashion.

May I suggest that Rafa should spend less time trumpeting about United and how to beat us? It seems he actually forgot to think about how to beat Chelsea. Looks like he assumed that putting out 11 players and telling them to run a lot equals tactical preparation and that it will be enough to dispose of Chelsea.

Of course Liverpool’s humiliation won’t help us in Porto but as the last two weeks in the media were no more than a sickening Liverpool lovefest it’s a relief to see its end. Finally, we won’t have to be listening to pundits (barely concealing their grin) declaring that the momentum is with Liverpool: they would be quite foolish to state anything of the sort now.