Date: 6th January 2018 at 10:16am
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Is the pressure getting to Jose Mourinho?

Has seeing Pep Guardiola`s Manchester City ride off into the distance in the race for the Premier League title affected the gaffers` mindset?

Maybe, maybe not!

Whatever the case, there are some strange mutterings coming from within the Old Trafford camp at the moment.

A typical example being something that has appeared in the popular tabloid publication, The Sun this morning.

Our referenced source has run an article whereby he has criticised the Old Trafford ball-boys for being too slow.

Apparently, their slowness in returning the ball has hampered Manchester United`s chances of launching quick counter-attacks.

The ball-boys in action at Old Trafford are selected from the nineteen schools that form part of the Manchester United foundation, but Jose believes that the club would be better served if they used players from the Academy as they would have more of an understanding of the urgency needed at certain stages of the game whilst also giving them some much needed experience of operating on the high-profile stage that is Old Trafford.

Personally, I reckon Jose is clutching at straws here and should concentrate on urging his players to get the ball forward quicker as opposed to dilly-dallying passing the ball backwards and square.