Date: 26th May 2019 at 9:41am
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I’m not going to beat about the bush, if Paul Pogba has any leanings towards leaving Old Trafford this summer then the 26-year-old midfielder should be shown the door.

At a time, we desperately need to close ranks and offer a show of unity as we head towards, hopefully, a new dawn, unity has to be the buzz word.

Therefore, I believe that when it comes to the French midfielder it should be a case of getting the best deal we can for the player.

This morning, one news source, the Express, is reporting that the Italian side, Juventus, have proposed a swap deal that could prove to be very enticing.

Seemingly, the Turin based club are willing to exchange their Argentine striker Paulo Dybala and their Brazilian left-back Alex Sandro for Pogba.

At 25-years of age and 28-years-of-age respectively, Dybala and Sandro should be approaching the peak of their careers and could, if tempted to make the move, be members of the starting eleven for several campaigns to come.

The offer certainly gets my approval but how about yours?

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5 Replies to “Italian Club Proposes Enticing Swap Deal For United Midfielder”

  • Paul is a good player no doubt, but if a player will not play for the clubs glory like the likes of mancity and Liverpool, let the play go.
    The board of manutd, scout and manager have failed the club and us the fans. They hav tunde the club to a dump side were any nonsense that is rejected by the club they play for; they can come to utd play nonsense and take good money at the end of the week.
    Let paul go if he want to go after all he is not a god….

  • Let Pogba go if he feels he should go and be replaced by young upcoming talents. After all what has he done to assist the club do better since he joined manchester Utd? Manchester utd management should stamp authority and release him to a football club of his choice. The earlier the better.

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