Date: 30th January 2010 at 1:29pm
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There is a rumour doing the rounds: Anderson is on the verge of joining Lyon on loan after falling out of favour with Sir Alex Ferguson. The manager reportedly tore into the Brazilian midfielder following his poor performance at City in the Carling Cup.

Anderson responded by going AWOL and Fergie fined him 80,000 for skipping training. Nothing has been confirmed but there are rumours and it is true that Anderson’s attitude has been called into question before and with good reason.

A spokesman for his agent (oh my God, a spokesman of his agent, what has football come to?) apparently said that they were working on a move and it could be concluded before the transfer window closes. However, letting him go now would be foolish.

Admittedly, he failed to live up to the huge potential shown in his first season at United but he had some very good games and the main problem is his inconsistency which is not unusual for a player of his age. He can make it at United so based on talent and ability we should not let him go.

If it’s a disciplinary issue, well, then Fergie is likely to be really stubborn and he probably won’t even consider not sticking to his principles in this case but he should. For the simple matter that we will not have enough bodies in central midfield if Anderson leaves. We will have to rely on the aging Scholes and Giggs and the phantom that is Owen Hargreaves. The burden on Carrick and Fletcher would be just too much.

It’s not the right time to rule with an iron fist. If he does not improve his attitude until the summer, then good riddance. But right know we should not shoot ourselves in the foot for the sake of showing a young player who’s the boss.