Date: 11th December 2017 at 12:57pm
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At times the Manchester derby veered towards the feisty side with several challenges being of a questionable nature.

But the referee, Michael Oliver, kept things under control using common sense allied with the occasional showing of a yellow card.

However, after the final whistle had sounded and the sides had made their way to the sanctuary of the dressing rooms, it appeared it all kicked off.

With Jose Mourinho emerging from the United dressing room to fulfil his media duties, he voiced his objections to the, what he felt, were over-the-top celebrations the City players has indulged in.

But it seems several City players took umbrage to Mourinho`s words and it appears an altercation took place.

During the ensuing melee, it is being reported that a heated verbal exchange took place accompanied by some pushing and shoving.

Some sources are also claiming that water and milk were thrown over Jose, however, whilst completing his media duties Jose made no mention of the kerfuffle whatsoever.