Date: 21st January 2010 at 11:07am
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Moronic Carlos Tevez is at it again: he’s spewing rubbish to make himself look more important than he is. After he tried to provoke the crowd and our players during their cup final on Tuesday (and he attempted to maim Wes Brown with a disgraceful tackle) he claims to have done so because United players ‘were having a dig at him’.

“Gary Neville was disrespectful to me.”

“It is wrong for one professional to criticise another in the way he did when he did not know the full facts.”

I was not trying to be offensive to him when I celebrated, I was just trying to make a point to him.”

Oh poor little diddum, how did big bad Gary hurt you? Let’s see what our club captain said.

‘The manager over the years has made many decisions with regard to players coming and going and he has almost always been proved correct.

‘Over a period of 20 years he may have got one or two wrong and I think he has admitted that himself, but he knows exactly what he’s doing and he understands when a player’s time is up. I can’t disagree with his decision on Tevez.

‘He was a good player for us but, if the financial demands are too big, then that’s just the way it goes. Other good players have left this club in the past, it’s not the first time it’s happened.’

See, Carlos? He called you a good player. I do not agree with that but hey, it can hardly be called disrespectful. But of course Tevez knows little about respect, as his next comments clearly demonstrate.

“I felt in my two years at Old Trafford I earned the respect of the management and players for what I achieved.”

“I won five trophies and was the club’s second top scorer.”

I do not believe I have deserved some of the comments that have come out since.”

“If they want to have a dig at me I will enjoy scoring a goal against them.”

Goodness me. The hypocrisy of this man is beyond belief. Wasn’t it you, Tevez, who tried to antagonise Fergie and the fans while still at United? Weren’t you the one who blasted the manager for not giving you enough opportunities (a blatant lie if one looks at the statistics) at a crucial time of the season?

Here are a selection of quotes from honest, respectful Tevez.

15 July, 2009 ‘I was there for two years and Sir Alex never called or sent any text messages in that time.’

2 April, 2009 ‘There is never any doubt who is in charge, but he is also a gentleman.

‘From the moment I arrived, he has treated me with respect as a person.

‘His greatest quality is that, for him, there are no star players – everyone is equal, whether they cost many millions or are a young player who hasn’t played many times for the team.’

You filthy little liar. Ever since your departure (a blessing if there ever was one) you’ve been having sly digs at our club; sly digs like this one:

‘What I want to do next season is score against United. I promise I will not celebrate in front of the United fans but I will shout in Ferguson`s face. You can be sure of that – and it will be one of the most beautiful things I have done in football.’

And he’s talking about respect? Why would you deserve any?

I’m truly ashamed that his pathetic excuse for a human being was ever allowed to put on a United shirt. Carlos Tevez is an egotistical hypocrite who respects nobody but himself but as he’s surrounded by yes-men at City and as the media are in love with him, reality will only strike when he returns to Old Trafford again. Again, he will get the treatment he deserves.