Date: 23rd September 2011 at 2:03pm
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Having made his long-awaited comeback, and in the process scoring a decent enough goal, Owen Hargreaves has every reason to be optimistic that his move from United to City will be a prosperous one.

But, this morning, the tabloid press, carry some words from Owen that don`t reflect that great on our fine club.

It`s almost as if Owen feels that his continued injury problems were the result of the treatment he was given by United with the midfielder remarking,

“After my first season, I had a bit of a tendon problem, which I did not realize the magnitude of.”

“I played and it got a little bit worse after that through the injections I had.”

“All the people there are lovely. Everybody tries their best.”

“They said it would help. That obviously wasn`t the case.”

“With my tendon injury, I`ve had to be a guinea pig for a lot of these treatments.”

“You`re left to try and make something of a difficult situation.”

“Basically I wanted to play, everyone wanted me to play, so it`s not really an option to say sit it out and rest for six months.”

“With hindsight, it`s a lot easier. Yep, probably the injections I had, I should probably not have had.”

“I received some injections and after that my tendon was never the same.”

“After the injections, I tried to get back on my feet, it felt like I was made out of glass. That obviously had a huge impact.”

“Basically I was left to pick up the pieces, which was incredibly frustrating. That was surgery and that was 18 months gone.”

“So at times, I`d watch games and be jealous of the way people could move, as funny as that sounds.”

“I wondered if I was going to be able to be as sharp.”

Some worrying comments there and although we`re perfectly sure United did nothing wrong in the way they treated the former England international, we wouldn`t be too surprised if some sort of statement was forthcoming from United, to clear matters up!

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