Date: 31st July 2011 at 12:30pm
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Perhaps it’s a combination of boredom and frustration but with the new season almost upon us I can’t help but feel annoyed with the club.

What’s annoying me you ask?

Well firstly there’s an issue that’s been evident for years now, the midfield. It’s lacked creativity, solidity and goals for yonks, yet despite years of underachieving in that particular area we’ve never looked to fix it.

Despite legends like Scholes and Keane leaving and the club acknowledging they will need to spend, no attempt to reinforce has been made.

Secondly, there’s the mixed messages we’re receiving. In one ear Fergie’s telling us there will be no more dealings whilst in the other ear Gill is telling us that we’re still in the market for a ‘world class’ talent.

Well are we or aren’t we?

I’m certain I’m speaking on behalf of the United fan-base as a whole when I say we don’t appreciate being toyed with. Then there’s the reasoning behind us not signing anyone. No value for money? No value for money my arse!

You can’t be telling me that Vidal, Sahin, Ozil, Khedira and Van Der Vaart for near enough £10 million each doesn’t reflect value for money?

Sniejder to Inter, when we were heavily linked to him, for £15 million isn’t value for money yet £17 million for Young, in an area where we have an abundance of talent already, is?

Finally, if what Gill is saying is true are we not leaving it late? We’ll be signing a player with no real momentum behind them, who’s being thrown into unfamiliar surroundings and expecting them to perform. When has that ever worked?

Torres, Carroll and Berbatov are just a few amongst a plethora of examples of why that’s a bad idea. If we’re going to get someone it should be sooner rather than later.

I’m happy to give the youngsters a go to see if they can provide the team with what it needs. I’m happy to play Anderson, Gibson and Cleverley in the hope that this season proves to be their breakthrough season and the midfield is stronger as a result.

I’m not happy though with the lack of insurance in the case that the crap hits the fan and nothing works out. Never, in any team, has such a crucial part of the sport been abused to the extent we’ve abused it at.

It’s the area of the park where matches are won and lost. It’s the area of the park where defence and offence comes together to create a team. It’s too important in the modern game, where technical ability and intricate passes beats brute power, to ignore.

In Fergie I trust but I can’t help but feel Fergie needs to sort it out.

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