Date: 22nd October 2017 at 1:13pm
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One of the best emerging strikers in European football is Timo Werner.

The 21-year-old has burst onto the scene in spectacular fashion.

Playing for RB Leipzig last season, Werner scored 21 times in the Bundesliga and when picked for the German national side he was the top scorer in the Confederations Cup last summer.

Already this season, Werner has netted 6 times for RB Leipzig as his good form continues.

However, it seems that Werner harbours an ambition to play in the Premier League, according to the Sunday Mirror.

Talking to Sky Sports, our source is reporting that when asked about whether he`d like to play in the Premier league, Werner replied,

‘Yes, for sure.

‘I would say the Italian or the French league is not my thing. I don’t see me there right now.

‘I would feel good to play in one of the other great leagues, not only because of the football, but the cities as well.

‘Of course, you want to win titles and trophies. I do not know if that will happen with RB Leipzig. We definitely work hard on that and I think, this season, the chances are good in the cup and the league.

‘But that means a lot of hard work and if we can reach that with Leipzig it would be great. If it happens at some time with another club, that’s ok for me, too.”

And when further pressed on which club he`d like to play for, his reply was,

‘As a small boy, you always dream of the huge clubs.

‘In earlier days, it was Manchester United.”

Could Tino Werner get his wish one day?

That remains to be seen.