Date: 4th April 2009 at 11:28am
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Sir Alex argues the defeat at Fulham was actually a favour as finally players stopped believing their own publicity and nobody thinks we’re untouchables any more.

‘Everybody likes to read good things about themselves,’ he said. ‘It is a natural thing to do so it can affect. There are a lot of young players in that dressing room, so maybe the Fulham defeat in particular came at a good time.

‘It has got rid of all that nonsense that we are untouchable and unbeatable that I have had to try and dampen down in the last month.

‘We have been done a favour. Now we can concentrate on playing football and not reading newspapers.’

Yeah, you could say that. But wasn’t the Liverpool defeat enough of a wake-up call? For me it was like being doused in ice-cold water while you’re sleeping comfortably. Fergie had one week after the Liverpool game to get his message across but apparently he failed, given how we ‘performed’ at Craven Cottage.

But let’s hope he’s right. The chance of losing the title has become all too real again so it might reignite the hunger and desire of the players.