Date: 5th April 2009 at 8:05pm
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You know guys, this is what football is all about, this is why it’s worth watching this stupid game. Villa fans won’t agree of course but they would take such a win any time – it was quite unbelievable.

The single fact that United beat Aston Villa is nothing remarkable: we almost always do that. But the circumstances make it much, much more sweeter than the 4-0 win of the previous seasons… I think its significance is similar to that of the win at Everton in 2007 when we came back from two behind to win 4-2.

I could criticise a lot of players cause for a long while Villa were the better team and their lead did not flatter them the slightest. Still… this team displayed the mental strength that was shown at times at Craven Cottage (where we were much the better team during the second half) and in the last 10 minutes we battered Villa and I guess everyone sensed that a goal was coming.

And what a goal… We knew that Federico Macheda had talent, of course we knew. And his football was encouraging when he came in but this, this was unexpected, this was out of the blue. What a composure in such a heated moment… what a delightful goal.

The title race has swung firmly back in our favour and with Rooney and Vidic set to return we can only get better. Hopefully confidence will soar through the team once again and we will show that we are undisputably the best team in England… for that’s what we are.