Date: 1st June 2015 at 9:38am
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It`s not been a good couple of weeks for Marouane Felliani!

In the last game of the season he was, deservedly we`d say, shown a straight red card for an awful tackle against Hull City, a tackle that left the recipient needing an horrific leg wound stapling back together, and now he finds himself being misquoted by the press.

Talking about his team-mate, Angel Di Maria, Fellaini is claiming he was misquoted by the French media with the journalists he spoke to suggesting the Belgian midfielder had suggested Di Maria would be a good signing for the emerging French giants Paris St-Germain.

Trying to correct matters, Fellaini has used his Twitter account to try and dig himself out of the huge hole the French journalists has dug for him by remarking,

I said that Di Maria would be a good signing for any club as he is a great player. I also said if I were him I would STAY at @ManUtd.”

We believe you Marouane, we believe you!