Date: 6th August 2017 at 10:12am
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The face of football is something that has changed significantly in recent years.

The days when the top English clubs were owned by English business men, have long since gone.

These days the top-clubs invariably have foreign owners, with the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and ourselves all benefiting from foreign investment.

However, there is a new force emerging in football with the rich men of China looking to get involved.

Although the Chinese League is still in its infancy, it has attracted several big-names to the game.

But other wealthy Chinese businessmen are also keen to get involved in the Premier League and the esteemed publication, The Times is running with an article this morning that Manchester United are the subject of interest from a mystery Chinese buyer.

Our referenced source is of the opinion that although the Glazar family control some 80% of the club, the mystery buyer is looking at snapping up some of the shares held by independent shareholders.

The speculation is further buoyed by the inference that some members of the Glazer family are ready to sell a bigger chunk of shares to an investor.

Interesting and mysterious times at Old Trafford.