Date: 26th June 2019 at 10:12am
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It doesn’t matter which thread you open up on the official Manchester United Twitter account, but one thing is sure.

It appears that there is a growing movement desperate to see a change in ownership at Manchester United.

Today, the growing campaign has even been picked up by The Sun, with the tabloid commenting on United’s feat of anti-Glazer campaigners gate-crashing the phone-ins on the clubs’ TV station.

But, returning to the aforementioned Twitter account, I’ve found three postings that illustrate perfectly the point made in the opening exchanges of this article:

Clearly, these are worrying times.

With success on the pitch falling away and with the club finishing a distant sixth behind the Premier League title winners, Manchester City, the last thing I’d suggest we need is untold strife behind the scenes.

But, as in independent site, I feel it is my duty to canvas opinion on the above subject matter.

Therefore, please feel free to drop your viewpoint on the ‘Glazer Out’ campaign in the comment facility beneath this article.

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27 Replies to “Fans Anger Towards Manchester United Owners Gathering Momentum”

  • Man united is not doing well,man city is going forward and we will never reach them because their management and everything.we cannot at the top flight cos no quality,no director of football,woodward is running the afairs as he likes.he also contribute to the to the club poor form by refusing to sign quality i think the club be sold so that there would be a change.

      • When u fail to prepared u are already out of it.l am in full support of # edwoodward#*to go#.he cannot give us what we want. I am totally disappointein in my darling team.Liverpool will make me happy.

  • Of the glazers supported utd they should want the best for them that means selling up instead of putting us in more debt

  • Its embarrassing being called a man utd fan in Uganda these days. Expressing interest in players, then keeping fans on their toes only for other clubs snapping targets away means the owners think fans mean nothing,that they can afford to take the fans for a ride from window to window
    If making money is the direction the club has taken then don’t open old Trafford gates on match days , rely on the sponsors, coz they matter more

  • It annoying look at Real Madrid the moment transfer window open how many players they’ve bought up till now only one player for Man United the owners are not serious about the club.

  • The Blazers family with Ed Woodward as the weapon of ultimate destruction is destroying Manchester United FC and bringing it to international humiliation before their peers.
    There’s an urgent need to rescue this mighty and noble club from the brutal clutches of these greedy hounds, the Glazers and Ed Woodward.
    Let all fans of Man United boycott Old Trafford on match days until this is achieved, beginning from Day 1 of this season.

  • I love my Utd to the Moon..I stand with #GlazersOut that’s the only way we can get Utd back on track..we have seen enough off dem..

  • Good to know that many united fans share my thought on this Glazerwood united they should all be booted out, we deserve a management that has the interest of fans in the running of the club not these selfish interested and stingy football novices like we have @ the moment. I was never ashamed of bn called a united fan in Nigeria until they arrived

    • I’m a truth fan of Manchester United and will have to sign up New players and the should be fast about that

  • This days we are even ashamed of even showing up as man u fans I wonder if the club are blind can’t they see man city or Liverpool please something needs to be done

  • Everything is wrong with Manchester United. In the next 5years, Man U will not play in the Champions League. It’s going to be a near-relegation experience.

    • I’m of the opinion that the management reshuffled for more improvement cos that’s the challenge we are currently having. They are handling our team anyhow they want it.

  • I hate seeing Manchester united at 6th position this sadden me each time I checked the last season epl log
    each time I see Manchester city finishing first i look sad where is the MANCHESTER of #2008
    I just pray Glazers family time is over let the Saudi Arabian come and handle it they got a lot money to spend and mean business..

  • They (Glazers) are only interested in consuming profit.They don’t care the position of the club even to the extent that Bayern president make mockery of them still they don’t want to change.
    They should sell the club to better people, they are destroying the club.

  • They got be out we need improvement in our team though we can’t dominate all time but we have to be a title contender an not just a team

  • I’m of the opinion that the management reshuffled for more improvement cos that’s the challenge we are currently having. They are handling our team anyhow they want it.

  • Honestly,,, I don’t like the way things are going
    on with the club. Let’s take a look at Man city and Liverpool, there you see how things are being done. They go for good and smart players. Please something needs to be done urgently the club.

  • CommentI wonder why a big club like man Utd will not have sporting director because of selfish interest. What happened to Bruno Fernerdex transfer? Ed Woodward wake up

    • I think Ed woodward should be the one to go. The Glazier has been there since Fergie era,no problems then. Why then he’s now there and there’s troubles. I think Ed should resign, he has FAILED.

  • #I stand with the glazerwood out campaign…. Its annoying that United have to pass through all the trauma of not having confidence on the team because of 5hese selfish mgt and owners, they don’t care about how we United fans feel…

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