Date: 25th June 2015 at 2:33pm
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Twenty`s Plenty for Away Tickets was launched in 2013 and it has a simple goal at heart – we want to make football more affordable for away supporters. One way clubs can do this is to set up reciprocal deals with rival clubs, preferably capping prices at £20.

Away supporters at both clubs thus benefit from cheaper tickets in recognition of the valuable contribution they make to both the atmosphere and spectacle at games. Would football be the same without them? We think not.

During 2014/15 almost half of the Premier League`s clubs engaged in reciprocal deals, saving 27,232 fans a total of £273,660. This means fans save £10.05 each, on average.

This season`s top-flight reciprocal deals:

– Savings measured against this season`s equivalent pricing or previous season`s fixture

If clubs get things wrong, we`re happy to call them out, but it`s also important they`re given credit when they get it right too – well done Aston Villa, Everton, Hull City, Newcastle United, Southampton, Stoke City, Sunderland, Swansea City, and Tottenham Hotspur.

We want to see more reciprocal deals again next season.

While we wouldn`t pretend that Twenty`s Plenty has “fixed” everything – many home and away tickets are still too expensive – we`re proud that our idea has saved fans so much money. Last season 31,807 fans saved £342,260 thanks to Twenty`s Plenty.

What can I do?

The simplest step is to sign the FSF`s #ShareTVWealth petition – this will trigger an email to your club and the appropriate league demanding cheaper home and away prices, as well as a more equitable distribution of football`s vast wealth.

If you`d like to go one step further, that`s great too, we`d encourage all fans to lobby their own clubs to back Twenty`s Plenty. Each club is different and that work might take different forms, through established forums, supporters` groups/trusts, or fanzines.

One option is to bring them all together and co-ordinate a joint letter or campaign, encouraging your club to set up reciprocal deals with others. How about joining forces with other fan groups in your league to encourage your clubs to reciprocate cheaper tickets?

If that interests you contact us and we’ll help you set the ball rolling.

What about home fans?

Home fans are often charged too much as well and we campaign for cheaper tickets for all, but there is a specific problem for away fans who don`t benefit from any type of season ticket discounts and have to pay more for travel too.

In addition, while clubs have formal and informal structures in place to liaise with their own fans, visiting supporters often don`t have a voice. Away fans are at the sharp end and deserve a voice.

Clubs have a vested interest in ensuring stadiums that are full and atmospheric. Those multi-billion pound top-flight media deals won`t keep rolling in if the stands are barren, and away supporters do more than most to generate that spectacle. Home fans often bounce off that.

However, if you think there is a specific way to campaign at your club in relation to home prices we`d be happy to hear from you and help publicise that.

If you know of a reciprocal deal we’ve missed email:

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