Date: 27th April 2009 at 10:38pm
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Another day, another thing learnt: Patrice Evra is not a good defender. It’s not that he’s not in the best form of his life, it’s not that he, for some reason, always struggles against Lennon in a way he struggles against nobody else: quite simply he’s not a good defender.

That’s the opinion of Tony Cascarino who backed Walcott to give Arsenal the edge in the Champions League semi-finals because ‘for me, Patrice Evra is not a good defender’. Well, there you go. Sir Alex keeps selecting a bad defender and he can’t realise what a mistake this is.

I see his point. Remember last season, against Barcelona, how we were run ragged and chance after chance was created because Evra let his team down? Remember how he broke away on the left in Moscow in extra-time, only to provide a poor pass to Ryan Giggs who would have surely scored… oh. You mean the pass was perfect after a mazy run into the area?

Oh, forget that. You could see throughout last season that he’s crap. I mean we were just shipping in goals as if they were going out of fashion. 22 goals conceded in the league, for heaven’s sake and we have conceded TWICE during the Champions League knockout stages. TWICE. If Evra was anywhere near competent, surely he would have stopped Lampard slotting home Essien’s deflected shot after Van der Sar slipped? Or he really should have done something about Benzema’s 25-yard cracker.

No, he’s just crap. Just not good enough, let’s face it. But Tony, I still have one piece of advice to you: watch our FA Cup game against Arsenal last season. We had a useful guy at left-back, did quite well. Can’t remember his name though, played in the number three shirt.