Date: 22nd July 2008 at 6:30pm
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Daniel Levy has already submitted an official complaint to FA about United’s behaviour in relation to Dimitar Berbatov. The Spurs chairman was particularly angered by a comment attributed to Sir Alex Ferguson in which the big man allegedly boasted we were close to reach an agreement.

Fergie later denied it and now it transpired that a Swedish fans’ website was responsible for creating this confusion, for which they have apologised.

It might seem like we are to blame for what has happened,’ admitted a Scandinavian supporter’s branch’s webmaster Steinar Madsen to Aftonposten.

‘We are to the blame in the sense how the interview was presented. Ferguson didn’t mention the name Berbatov when he was interviewed by us.

‘I would call it a misunderstanding. It was tricky conditions for the interview.

‘As journalists, you have probably experienced this yourself, how it is to listen to the tape afterwards.

‘That can cause problems and Ferguson’s accent is not too easy to understand to start with.

‘Ferguson confirmed that United had tabled an offer.

‘We assumed it was Berbatov he was talking about. We might have taken it too far.’

These comments were widely published and many self-righteous souls wasted no time in calling Fergie a hypocrite yet they, along with Levy, are left with egg on their faces now.

As Spurs did not reveal what other evidences they had against United I am very curious about what will happen to their complain now that it’s cornerstone was proved to be nothing more but the product of an overenthusiastic imagination.