Date: 20th July 2008 at 1:57am
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Ferguson has today laughed off Daniel Levy`s moronic little rant; totally discrediting any morsel of proof the club thought they had by revealing the quotes found in ‘The Sun` regarding a bid for Berbatov, were simply fiction.

On the face of it, any right-minded individual could see that Levy`s quotes were born from pure desperation, desperation to please the fans that flock to White Hart Lane each season with the promise of false glory.

Perhaps we should not have been surprised by Levy`s outburst, as for a man with an honorary degree from Cambridge University, his words were somewhat intelligent; with the aim to turn the Spurs faithful against the players in question, as to lessen the blow when the pair inevitably jump ship. Though the media chose to use his words as gospel, those of us which share at least half a brain cell between us could see the man was backed into a corner and fearful of his job. Over the years, Spurs have instilled a confidence into their fans, cunningly building up morale with the occasional transfer coup and the guarantee of success – only for it to all blow up in their faces in a pathetically inevitable fashion. Last season saw this pattern alter….slightly; with the acquisition of the Carling Cup – their first major trophy in over nine years.

Though the season entailed after that, morale at the club was at an all time high, and the familiar ‘Liverpool syndrome` had spread around North London….next year was THEIR year! And then suddenly gravity hit and they came crashing down to earth, with the news their two best players were seeking pastures new. Inevitably, the fans were peeved, and not for the first time they were questioning their clubs ambition. The club needed to act, but like a 14-year old alone in their room they caught with their trousers down, and they panicked. Hardly surprising, is it?

Perhaps not, but that doesn`t take away from the sheer lunacy of it; and without taking a second look to verify whether or not the quotes attributed to Ferguson which apparently prove unlawful activity were actually true or not, Levy burst into an inane rant head on. As mentioned above, the media clung on to it like a new-born baby on their mother`s teet; labelling Ferguson both “arrogant” and “hypocritical“. Indeed, along with this media came the even more fickle Spurs fans which flocked onto this site spouting their ‘holier-tan-thou` crap about how we lacked class and dignity.

Well, today it seems Levy, the media and fans have hit something of a brick wall in the form of Sir Alex Ferguson, who has stopped them all in their path with the “news” that the quotes are untrue. I write “news” because to us in the know, we always knew these quotes were untrue, and were taken from some obscure Norwegian website, a revelation first picked up on by members of – days before the quotes found themselves on the front cover of the Sun`s “Exclusive Interview” – unsurprisingly written by the slimy leech Neil Custis.

Well, Mr. Custis I hope you have egg on your face after Ferguson revealed your “Exclusive” was nothing more than bullshit? Speaking after the rather dull 1-1 draw with South African side Kaiser Chiefs, Ferguson laughed off Levy`s little hissifit.

“It`s going to be very embarrassing for them (Spurs) because it appears to be on the basis of a story in The Sun.”

“I don`t know where the hell they got those quotes from, but it certainly wasn`t from me. It`s embarrassing for them, but you know what Daniel Levy is like. He`s different.”

“It`s something to ask (United chief executive) David Gill about because I haven`t really spoken to him about it today because I`ve been preparing for the match. I haven`t read it, but I`m sure our legal people will be looking at it before I do.”

Yes, Levy sure is “different“. Poor bald-headed little twat is probably scoffing on humble pie as we speak. Oh, how I long to be a fly on the wall in Mr. Levy`s house the moment he opens the Sunday paper`s. Classic.

Oh, and feel free to have your say on Levy`s little rant below, but please BEWARE – this news is sure to attract your typical Spurs fan, so grab your spectacles and get braced…there be fools a coming.