Date: 23rd November 2010 at 12:21pm
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Kye Sones from Diagram of the Heart (read what the press say about them below, they really are a big prospect for 2011) has kindly answered our questions on his love of Man Utd.

Diagram of the Heart are masters of epic sounding glorious pop music. Signed to Mike Pickering`s recently resurrected and legendary Deconstruction label, their debit album will be released in 2011.

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How long have you been a Manchester United fan and what is your first football memory?

Since I was 7. My best mate at school got me into the team and we traded stickers etc. My earliest memory was probably when we got knocked out of the world cup by Germany and Gazza was crying. I was really young but that will be logged in my memory for ever.

Do you get to Old Trafford much these days?

Not a lot as I live in London and most of the work with the band is in London. Having said that our drummer is a red and I also have a lot of season ticket holding friends in Manchester so If I get time off I can get to a game.

Favourite United moment?

This would have to be when we came back from losing in the champions league final to Bayern Munich to win it. I was in my local football club and even the hard core Chelsea fans there were cheering on united.

Favourite United player of all time?

This has to be Sir Eric of course. Cantona was always on the back of my shirts as a kid. I loved everything about him. Big player and big character.


What’s your opinions on the Glazer situation?

Obviously its not a healthy situation and at the end of the day its the fans that pay for the club and everyone’s wages and if we want them out they should go. Simple.

Who would you like to see succeed Sir Alex Ferguson?

Its a tough one and a few people will probably shoot me down for even suggesting it but… It would have to be Jose Mourinhi. I think he’s the only man big enough to take on the job and even half fill fergys shoes.

Can we get our Premier League crown back this season?

I hope so. Its a funny league this season and the top5 could go any way. Chelsea are very strong and the most consistent. If we don’t give away any stupid losses and make sure we let the other teams make the mistakes I don’t see why not.

Has football and/or United ever influenced your music, if so how?

Not really but I suppose you could say that the euphoric feel when you stand in Old Trafford and that feeling of scoring a goal is something I’ve wanted to make people feel when they here our music. its pure escapism and a total buzz.

How is the inter band rivalry with a Spurs fan in your midst and who do the other band members support?!

Its not that bad at all. A lot of my mates are spurs fans including my brother so I have a soft spot for them. They had a fantastic season last year and I really enjoyed watching them beat Arsenal on the weekend.

What question do you get most bored being asked and what is the answer?

Why do you support united your from London. Get over it! Most of the players in the teams are not from Manchester or Fulham or Liverpool so why should it matter where I’m from?

What question would you most like to be asked but never are and what is the answer?!

How does it feel to be holding all those brit awards tonight… Answer= it feels bloody great! lol

Where do you stand with the music download/free internet music argument, is it killing music or something that is unavoidable?

A bit of both. I do think its seriously damaged the industry and I think if people knew how much it cost to record, mix and promote a single then maybe they wouldn’t feel so comfortable stealing it. You wouldn’t go into a gallery and walk and steal a painting off the wall. Which ever way you look at it- its stealing.



What the media say

‘Diagram of the Heart – sunshiny soulful electro dance with a bit of rock chutzpah` Neil McCormick, The Telegraph

‘Hottest New Bands?Diagram of the Heart?.Big, euphoric dance-pop` Q Magazine

‘Strutting like prime peacock Mick Jagger, the sheer confidence that runs through Diagram of the Heart is infectious. Filling venues across London, the band mixture fist pumping rock with elements of euphoric dance. A bit like The Killers did back in the early days, this is glamorous indie rock with an electronic heartbeat. Live, the band is a bundle of energy. Borrowing from the same rock rule book which spawned Kasabian it seems that Diagram Of The Heart can match some slick tunes with a few classic moves.` Clash

‘What we’re looking at here is a kind of Calvin Harris / Tears For Fears / Depeche Mode sort of ‘vibe’ with some very strong hints of hands in lasers. It’s very now, it’s very then, it’s a little bit the day after tomorrow, it’s basically amazing.` Pop Justice

‘Diagram of the Heart are not only signed but already have a fierce football terrace style fanbase chanting along to all their songs?the band`s songs are far too good to ignore` – James Cabooter, Daily Star ‘Playlist`