Date: 26th October 2012 at 4:23pm
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Does anyone else remember when football was primarily a sport and the business side of things were something we never seemed to get involved in?

I thought so!

They were simple times when the working class man coveted his favourite sport and folk merely walked up to the turnstile to gain admission on the day of the match.

Today, everything seems to be financially orientated and the latest tale to be reported by the media suggests this is indeed so.

It reports on how United are looking to capitalize on signing the biggest shirt sponsorship in history with General Motors by trying to improve another revenue stream.

Apparently, the Glazer family have paid off DHL, who were sponsoring our training kit to the tune of £40 million, in the belief that there is more money out there, or as a club spokesman reportedly has said,

“The significantly increased value of agreements concluded since entering into agreement with DHL leads us to believe there should be strategic opportunities to further optimize the value of these rights.”

Like I said; whatever happened to the good old days when everything appeared to take care of itself?