Date: 5th July 2008 at 1:15pm
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The momentum in the Huntelaar rumours seem to be gathering pace with alarming speed, and Ajax`s recent signing of 19 year old striking sensation Miralem Sulejmani for an estimated £12.8M only acts to support this theory.

No doubt Huntelaar will have alot of admirers; and regardless of whether you rate him as a player or not, he is sure to be hot property should he become available. We have already learned recently that Ferguson has few transfer targets on his mind, and coupled with earlier quotes from the gaffer that we are in for an “experienced striker”, could one presume that Huntelaar – with 70 goals in his 82 Ajax appearances and 8 in 13 for his country – perhaps is that player.

Scouring the internet I also stumbled across quotes attributed to the player that seem to suggest that the player himself would be keen to move to Old Trafford.

“I love clubs with great history like Ajax. I also love United. It`s a club that makes me dream, especially as Ruud van Nistelrooy played there and did great things with them. I know certain English clubs are following me, like Manchester United, who are very interested in me.”

Whether these quotes can be held up as undeniable proof that Huntelaar is on his way, no-one knows. But, I can`t help but feel a shift in momentum from both fans and the media away from Berbatov and towards the 24-year old. One could also look to the recent sponsorship deal he signed with Nike, replacing the one he held with Ajax shirt manufactures Adidas as proof he is on his way out…but perhaps this is clutching at straws.

There are pros and cons of this transfer, of course. On the upside he has age on his side and at 24 he has no doubt alot still to give, whereas Berbatov you could argue is at his peak. In addition, he is sure to cost less than the £30M onwards that Spurs are asking for Berbatov. Also, no one can doubt the boy needs a change, his goal to game ratio is stunning and now surely is the time for a new challenge.

On the downside we must remember this is the DUTCH league we are talking about, a league which has thrown up many a false hope – none more so than Dirk Kuyt; who lest we forget was a goal-getting king whilst in the Eredivisie…something he has failed to bring with him to the Premiership. Also, he seems to be in a similar mould to RVN – who despite being an awesome player for us DID affect our style of play – evident in the way we have performed in the years following his departure.

Indeed, at the moment this is just pure speculation, but being the situation it is – we are somewhat forced to feed on scrapings and rumours. I for one have my doubts about Huntelaar, but perhaps this is blinded by my sheer admiration for Berbatov. But for now we must surely wait and see……

….but in the meantime, have YOUR say. Are you a fan of Huntelaar? Would it be a good singing?