Date: 7th October 2017 at 11:35am
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The fact that television invests huge money into the Premier League is producing something of a problem this festive season.

You may have already read that a plan was concocted whereby Sky Sports wanted to move the fixture involving Arsenal and Liverpool to Christmas Eve, something that received fierce opposition from Liverpool.

Now, according to the Telegraph, plans are afoot to move the game involving ourselves and Leicester City, from Saturday 23 December to Sunday 24 December.

Once again, according to our referenced source, objections have been made by both clubs.

But, it`s another classic example of those who religiously follow their clubs up and down the country being compromised in favour of the armchair supporters.

Now whether the television companies will force the issue through remains to be seen, but with public transport usually grinding to a halt early on Christmas Eve, those who will attend will have a job and a half to make the return journey home.

It`s utter madness!