Date: 20th April 2009 at 6:14pm
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Please note: I’m not one of the Berbatov bashers. I believe he’ll become an excellent signing, I believe he’s already contributed significantly to our cause this season. I have no issues with his workrate which is nothing more than a red herring. I like his style and my only criticism of him would be that he’s not confident enough yet to exert full influence on games; he’s too happy to remain in the shadow of Rooney, Ronaldo and co.

But, even though I like him, his penalty against Everton was unacceptable. I read how he reasoned: that Howard got the angle he had been looking for in the last minute so he saved it. But it’s lame. The fact is that it was a lame, half-arsed spotkick in the shootout of the FA Cup semi-final where we could have gained a huge psychological advantage as Cahill had already missed the first penalty.

If he blasts it out of the stadium: fine. It happens to the greatest players. But simply passing it to the keeper? That’s unacceptable and with this he totally let the team down.

I’d say he deserves to be left out of the squad on Wednesday but we need him: Macheda and Welbeck won’t get another start so soon and Tevez’s contributions now verge on the invisible. But he’s got a lot to make up for.