Date: 16th March 2009 at 9:09am
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We all know that Liverpool fans are ready to worship any manager who is half-decent, as they’re desperate for any success. However, their American owners are, understandably, unconvinced by Rafa Benitez who still lives on that one-off night in Istanbul.

Saturday’s 4-1 win at Old Trafford, combined with the rout of Real Madrid must have convinced them that they simply cannot get rid of Benitez – it would look farcical. It is great news, of course, for any United fan.

Now there are claims that Liverpool’s victory shows they cannot be taken lightly as challengers in the next few years. Well, remember Gerard Houllier’s Liverpool? What a team that was, winning Premier League titles… oh.

Ged now looks a thing of the past and he’s often ridiculed on these shores and it’s barely mentioned that his team defeated United FIVE times in a row. What a false dawn that was, spectacular. We had the last laugh, of course, when Diego made the scousers cry and the unraveling of Houllier’s revolution began.

Let’s hope that the Liverpool board will give Benitez a new contract and that soon they’ll see it’s only yet another false dawn.