Date: 24th April 2009 at 8:52am
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Liverpool drew 4-4 with Arsenal which result dealt a severe blow to their title hopes. Does Benitez talk about their pathetic defending? Does he talk about his goalkeeper’s wretched form? No, he ends up talking about Manchester United – AGAIN!

This time at least he did not write down all the nonsense he was about to spout: he learnt it by heart for this occasion, it seems.

‘I’m not having a battle of words with Alex Ferguson, but I believe that he can see that we are the better side, and that we are very close to United.’

Well, it’s certainly not a battle of words: Benitez is pathetically trying to rile Fergie who dismissed his ramblings every time. Better side? Three points behind with United having a game in hand indicate otherwise – the fact is that Liverpool could not make advantage of our most wretched form of the last three seasons. They are not better by any means.

‘He has been accustomed to playing these types of mind games for many years.

‘Nobody has ever said anything against him, or stood up to him, as he has a very good team that can win trophies.

‘It seems like he has a licence to do these sorts of things.’

Ever heard of an Arsene Wenger or Jose Mourinho? It’s getting more and more embarassing for Rafa. I just hope he can pull himself together in time before he would start launcing attacks on our kit man and on the tea lady as well.

‘I try not to talk too much. But all I do when I speak is to defend my own team.’

This tops it all, honestly. What was he doing in the last few weeks, apart from talking? Didn’t work on defending, that’s sure. And yeah, insulting other managers is the best way to defend his own team. Oh dear, how sad he is. And they still have a chance to win the league! Imagine if they blow it – I’ll be interested in what he’ll have to say.

On second thoughts, no, I won’t be. We all can guess it.