Date: 10th February 2018 at 10:49am
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The thorny subject of whether the huge sums of money that have been injected into the game have made it better or worse could provide a very healthy debate.

But one thing not in doubt is that those who are gifted in their chosen profession are very well rewarded with huge weekly salaries that the working man can only be jealous of and dream of earning.

Take the case of our exceptionally talented young striker Marcus Rashford.

Lurking in the red-top tabloid publication, The Sun, is an article about the striker who only turned 20-years-of-age recently.

The article points out that in April 2016, Rashford had assets worth just £100, but this figure has increased, in a year, to a reported £2 million.

Now I don`t begrudge those who are earning a fortune any of it, but I often ponder whether, when they use a cash-point, they hit the balance button just to see the row of figures displayed on the screen, as opposed to the likes of me who just hopes there`s one last tenner in there before pay-day!