Date: 2nd October 2019 at 9:04am
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After the worst start, a Manchester United side have made for thirty years, the media are starting to go all mischievous on us.

Although there is no immediate pressure on Ole Gunnar Solksjaer, with regarding results, you cannot help but think that it will probably only be a matter of time.

The history our club has in the game makes the quest for success a necessity as opposed to a nice option.

Lurking in The Guardian, is the insinuation that a manager who has tasted huge success in recent years has his eye on the Manchester United job if the position were to become vacant.

The manager in question being Massimiliano Allegri.

Allegri, who left Juventus at the end of last season, after winning five consecutive Serie A titles, is said to be, by our referenced source, learning English with the purpose of achieving his new ambition of managing Manchester United.

At 52-years-of-age, Allegri has a lot to offer his next club, but will Old Trafford be his next stopping off point?

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9 Replies to “And The Next Manchester United Manager Might Be?”

  • Allegri is by far better than ole i suggest ole gunnar should be sack because of his poor starting,he only impress on chelsea match, man utd are trying to condone untill something get spoil before sacking him which is not good, i fan man u from my childhood (2008). Man utd is one of the prominent team in the universe.we need brilliant coach,allegri can change situations is a man of fidelity, even woodward have to be sack, let’s work for victory and successful team.

  • man u needs allegri we don’t want olegunar because of giving somebody like ashley young a chance to play and he plays nothing even lingard matic and others so ole needs to be sucked

  • I think keep Ole on the staff get rid of the rest
    Allegri is the man not potichno srurs manager
    Look at the mess there in

  • I do believe Allegri wud b a better coach dan Ole as dats wat we need now.As good as Ole is, he still falls below expectations required for a manager at a club as big as Man U.I bleed in my hrt seeing us at 10th position on d table at this point and d sooner we do something drastic abt it, d better 4 us all.God bless Man United

  • I do believe that there is a need for a change in the tecnical team and the chief executive Ed Woodward should go and lets bring in those who can help the team to achieve its glory.

  • The Coach is Partially at Fault, but Ed WoodWard that puny **** that decided to make money out of man utd instead of buying new players and reducing the work loads for Coaching staff, Ashley Young needs to Go, Rojo In, Matic Needs to chill Garner from feeders team needs play time, Gomez and Greenwood needs to Develop and Sub all those Grandpas Out.

  • Guys guys guys!!!
    What makes u think that this coach will come and succeed at united, no one will admit it that united problem now is not the coach but the board
    To solve a problem u start from the root, no good coach like city coach can succeed at united now, no matter how good u are u can’t succeed at united, no caoch will want to coach a club that the board finds it hard to support the coach with enough cash. At less we all know it’s not possible to get all your players in one season but a situation wherebyu are left with no cash support what will u do
    Everyone shouted a d said Pep was mad to use 50million euros to sign wingbacks, but those boys are giving their best and we can say the worh their transfer cash, now see city are making history in Epl, they are now the most feared team in epl all this are possible because the supported Pep vision, it would have been worse if after spending like that no result to show.
    Now look at Kloop liverpool, how long did it take him to transform Liverpool, he sells and buy to replace, he gives out players on loan and buys to replace thode loan players, all this was possible because the board supported Kloop, last season was one of the season kloop has spent so much on Liverpool and that gave him the champions league cup, all was achieve by the support of the board.
    Now look at what Ole did, how many players did he sell, how many did he give on loan, he did all this without a plan B which is replacing them, a team like united that has only one creative midfielder and the whole load is on him to create things on the field, imagine when he is been marked out by an opponent and imagine when he picks a long term injury, that means the team will play without any creativity at all.
    Unuted problem is from the board, who so ever is responsible for giving out cash for transfer isn’t doing well
    Imagine the united of then and now, then when everyone plays with his whole body, soul and spirit knowing that they are other players on the bench looking for opportunity to perform, and look at the united of now whereby there is no substitute at all so everyone plays the way he likes because there is no body to play his role. If united had a deadly squad no one will play so relax, everyone will be on their toes. We don’t even have a 23 man squad without those youth players.
    No good player will want to come to united and kill himself, united aren’t a team yet, the are still playing amature football.

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