Date: 28th December 2019 at 10:19am
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Yesterday, as we covered all the media speculation involving our famous club, we came across a piece that couldn’t fail to catch the eye.

Our article manchester-united-and-real-madrid-lining-up-a-sensational-swap-deal covered the possibility of a deal being concocted between Real Madrid and Manchester United that would see Paul Pogba join the Spanish giants with Gareth Bale and a lump sum of cash coming to Old Trafford.

It was an article that provoked quite a response and also an article the leaned itself perfectly to a poll.

The question we asked was:

Would A Deal Involving Pogba Going To Real Madrid And Bale Coming The Other Way Suit You?

The results proved conclusively that it is not a deal you’d wish to happen with 71% voting for the NO option with just 29% voting for the YES option.

It seems that in expressing my opinion I was in the majority and having put myself on a pedestal I was brutally shot down by one or two of those that commented.

But that’s life, no hard feelings, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

But will it actually happen?

Let’s sit back and see!

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  • Pogba has to go. It’s a pity he didn’t go last season when Utd. could have got more for him. He has talent but whereas players were prepared to die for Ferguson he only turns up when he wants to, has made no contribution this season and he has been a disruptive influence and a poor example for the younger players in the squad. Nobody who gives less than 100% should be there.

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